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I love that this guy died after being hit by a boulder. You gotta wonder if he tried to run or dodge it and where his wife was and how she stayed safe.

boulder guy
hayden, rossi, moto gp

Insect Names

I don't know many of them.

urbpan could you tell me the name of this creature?

It hung out on the car roof top for a long time cleaning its very long antenna, washing its feet or whatever those are called on this creature.

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Video Convergence

James Baldwin and Fran Lebowitz are two of my favorite essayists. This Baldwin quote speaks strongly to my feelings today during this turmoil in Ferguson, Missouri around the police shooting of the unarmed black man Mike Brown and also the police shooting in Saint Louis of Kajieme Powell.

I cannot get the time code into the embedded version, so please click here to start with James Baldwin.
http://youtu.be/EIKIAS3JArc?t=3m20s or skip ahead to 3 minutes, 20 seconds in the embedded version.

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